Summer Newsletter is in the Mail

The best looking issue yet was mailed to members yesterday. I’m sure you will agree once you receive the issue. I personally appreciate that Betsy and Michel van der Hoek have volunteered to assist Editor Peter Harris with the newsletter. Betsy’s writing style is very readable and Michel’s graphics & layout skills have moved the newsletter up to another level in its evolution from a round-robin letter to a professional level publication.

If you hang out in this forum but aren’t a member, you are missing a lot in not receiving the newsletter. Dues are still only $10.00 ($12 int’l) so you should join RHA.

As usual, we still have a few members who haven’t renewed their expired memberships yet and thus will not receive this newsletter. If you are one of these members, send in your dues now and I’ll send you a copy as I always print a few extras. If you think you should have received a copy and don’t, please contact me & I’ll check your membership status for you.

Thanks again, Peter, Betsy & Michel for another excellent issue. And thanks also to the members who took time to write something for this issue. This is your newsletter so contribute your thoughts and articles to share with all of us.

And our apologies for the late arrival this time!

If you hang out in this forum but aren’t a member, you are missing a lot in not receiving the newsletter<<<

From my perspective down under, it also would be great for more Australians to join in, there must be a few from Oz who hang here, silently…LOL.

Why don’t you join the RHA as well as WRITE here…not only do you get the regular newsletter, but the exchange of local knowledge and materials can be of such great value and fun for all of us down under, as well as all the world of course…but it just can’t happen here without your input!

You’ve convinced me to join! :slight_smile:

Just a reminder to those of you located in countries other than the United States that we have established a PayPal account to help make your dues & merchandise payments less expensive and easier to make. Just send me an email @ telling me that you wish to remit by PayPal. I prepare an electronic invoice on the PayPal system which they send to you with instructions as to how you can pay it by credit card or other acceptable form. They in turn notify me when the invoice is paid. You do not need to have your own PayPal account and PayPal does not charge you a fee. They do deduct a fee from their remittance to RHA and we do tack on a US $ .50 fee per dues year to recover a portion of the fee we pay. This means that international dues via PayPal will be $12.50 per year - considerably less than bank fees for a US dollar check and postage. PayPal also works well for domestic payments.