Summer issue of RHA Newsletter

The summer issue was mailed this week, so if you’re a member you should be receiving the Newsletter soon.

Got it after work the other day and then had to leave right away. I took a look at it later when I got home again. Wow, it’s a tough one to put down. Even though my eyelids would hardly stay open, I had to keep reading until I had finished it. Now I really feel a need to contribute; when I’ve seen just how interesting it can be to read about someone else’s experiences. Thanks a lot everyone.

Well, today’s mail (9-2-2003) came and still no summer newsletter. Has anyone else besides Tom received theirs?

I’m in Canada and got mine really early.

Got mine early last week, Henry.

I received mine last week as well.

Great issue by the way!!

I’ve had mine for a week or so. I agree, nice issue Peter!


Our Editor, Peter Harris, has set the Fall issue to have articles about difficult seed or pollen parents. I know that we all have had some examples of this. So start thinking and put your thoughts down and send off to Peter by the 1st of October. Lets give him some articles to work with.


I suspect ‘Tigris’ is in this category. Anyone want to write about this rose? It is one I hope to work with next year. I’d love to hear how it has done for other people.