Summary of Seedlings on my Website

Well, after being highly inspired by Judith Singer (and many of the rest of you) to get my act together and create a website for my seedlings…I finally buckled down and got something done on that this week. So here is the summary page of my seedlings resulting from my 2003 pollinations.



Thanks for sharing - you have an excellent group of seedlings! Very pretty. Some of them “smelled” good just looking at them. I especially liked Seedling: PPSc03-03. I have been working on purple striped roses for five years, but haven’t made as much progress as you have - nice.


Thank you Jim! I’ve been very fortunate with this group both in appearance AND fragrance (hard to believe for me anyway, but the majority of them do in fact have fragrance to boot). PPSC03-03 is actually one of the strongest and most consistant scented of the group. Now since that is my very first batch of seedlings, I don’t know that I would call it progress as much as a VERY VERY lucky starting point. LOL But hey, I’ll take it!!!

They are beautiful, Michelle. I love that one too, but then there are so many nice ones on your site it’s hard to say which is my favorite. I think perhaps PAOtB03-01. It would be so striking if it were floriferous when it matures.

PAOtB03-01 is, in my opinion, the most beautiful… it reminds me a little like Peace. You can’t go wrong with a yellow with a pink edge… How’s the fragrance?

It is so pretty. If future blooms continue to be like that one, I want one! Michellynn, can I be your first sale?

Thank you very much Jude! PAOtB03-01 has continued to bloom like the first couple shown in the photos on the website. The colors are extrememly well defined outside and despite my fear that this would be too close to Anthony Meilland in literally blowing in one day of heat…it has proven to be quite resilient and will last for several days very well. (Of course, your desert heat might be a different story… LOL ). It had a slow start when I put it in the test bed…sort of sat there for awhile. Then all of the sudden started shooting out all sorts of odd laterals…really actually reminded me a bit of a rambler for a bit there. It should be coming into a fairly large flush soon after all that growth so I will post an updated photo then. This is also one that I sent out for testing…so who knows…maybe it will be on the market one day. :astonished:)

Thank you Enrique! That is one of my favorite as well. I think because it is a little different for something of a cupped English Style rose (the form is very much like Pat Austin). The fragrance is actually pretty good on this one. I rate it as moderate…sometimes it can be strong, sometimes it can be mild…so I split the difference and ranked it in the middle. Fragrance is a BIG goal of mine, second only to foliage (I’m a complete foliage nut)…so I’ve been lucky to get a good number of fragrant seedlings my first year out.