Has anyone used this ground cover rose in breeding that can share some experiences with it? Thanks.


Hi Rob,

This was one of Kordes first true red groundcovers. It is closely related to Max Graf, which usually equates to blackspot and nasty thorns. I believe that his newer red groundcovers are superior. Royal Bassino is one of many examples. He has several, and they also have some pretty amazing true red shrubs and rugosa types. Red Corsair is a decent example of the larger types.

Oh yeah, Golden Eye is fromt he same mold as Suffolk (Bassino). It is healthier than Knock Out at the local society’s garden this year. I dont know what is up with Knock Out this year but it almost looks like anthracnose and not blackspot. At any rate, Golden Eye didnt have it. Golden Eye is bred from Royal Bassino. Bailey’s has a few hidden gems from their program where they used the best of others work to create roses with similar health but with better garden aesthetic.

Jadae, you are a wealth of information. I didn’t know MG was BS prone. That’s good to know and I will stay clear of close MG decendants. Maybe you can help me. I think I may have mentioned in a previous thread that I currently have a smaller garden space and have recently decided to refocus my efforts on plants of smaller stature (minis or patio size). I was on HMF and looking at some of these highly disease resistant ground cover roses and thought that maybe that is where I should begin. Google searches and HMF shows that some of these roses are relatively sterile and don’t form hips. I think the ‘Drift’ series were some of those that fall into that category. If you were going to pick a couple ground covers that are fertile and very disease resistant which would you recommend? Am I about to head in the right direction?? Thanks for the reply.

Shoot, I made a typo. I meant Red Max Graf!!! Eek. Max Graf is not prone. Red Max Graf is HIGHLY prone.

Let me think about your question.

Suffolk is by far the best red kordes ground cover for desease resistance. Go at their site: desease resistance is quoted and not so desease resistant Royal Bassino or Red Corsair are gone when Suffolk/Rotilia is still here with maximum four stars for BS and mildew.

Little if any OP hips, little pollen, but a performer, super strong plant with superior health. Compact on the stiff side.

I’ve got a red Kordes groundcover called Summer Evening (see link) that seems pretty good so far. Just collected some OP hips off it today to see how they germinate.


Pierre, is Suffolk sets little if any OP hips and has little pollen then I will pass on it. Thank you.

Jadae, thanks for the mention of Golden Eye. I visited a site that describes the Easy Elegance roses. Each one indicates that it sets hips but it looks like a boiler plate description they used. If the Easy Elegance series are as healthy as described and set hips, that may be where I should look for breeding material.

Anyone have any thoughts on the Easy Elegance brand?

The various Bailey series and hybrids are hit and miss. Some are junk and some are real gems. Its a case by case basis, imo.

Any recommendations as to the gems? :slight_smile:

Mileage may vary but this is what I have seen in person as good here in the Portland Metro (blackspot central):

Golden Eye

Yellow Brick Road

All the Rage


Sweet Fragrance

All 5 of these are pretty nifty considering their relative health, hardiness and color. They all have more modern colors for the type of roses they represent, which is a good step forward in shrub roses.

Macy’s Pride is highly aesthetic and very pleasing in the landscape but its notnot quite as disease resistant, but decently so. My Hero is pretty cool too. Its has a really awesome plant habit but Im unsure of its total disease health. Orange Impressionist is pretty freaky looking but not specifically disease resistant. It just has a very unusual color (bright orange w/ silver reverse). One of the guys here that are into cold hardiness because of their locale (David or Paul, I think) really seems to love High Voltage but I have not seen it in person.

The bad news is that Bailey roses may become difficult to find. Washington Park went nuts installing their roses, so I’m fortunate enough to see most of them but I have noticed theyre dropping out of catalogs already – except for AARS winners like Love and Peace and Rainbow Sorbet.

Thanks so much for the review Jadae. It’s much appreciated. I will take the names you’ve given me and research parentage, hip setting and availability.

I wonder why they are dropping out of catalogs? Weird… I did locate a site that I looked at an online site briefly and I think I can order from there but will need to recheck.

“I wonder why they are dropping out of catalogs?”

I suspect larger distributors are burying them.

If there’s one thing I learned from my years in the horticulture industry, it’s that marketing and distribution is everything.

People will buy what is made available. It makes no difference how good something is, if one can’t buy it, we move onto something else.

Any of us could have the best seedling in the world sitting in our backyard. If no one knows about it, if we can’t get distribution, it’s meaningless.

Globalization of markets isn’t helping things. Across the board I think we will increasingly see less selection in terms of what we are allowed to purchase.

Sounds like a great reason to support “boutique” suppliers.

Robert is correct.