Striped Anthers.....

Well, not really striped, but they are different.

Striped Anthers

That’s cool Jim! I’m not surprised though. Many of the stamen and anthers on Hulthemias and others with intense pigments at their centers are intensely pigmented, too. [flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=7618693892]DSCN2329[/flickr_photo][flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=7618693746]DSCN2330[/flickr_photo]

These are Burgundy Iceberg. Traditional white Iceberg has yellow everything. Burgundy Iceberg has nearly black anthers with dark colored pollen. The parts picked up the pigments from the stigma.

Wow, that’s a way cool flower! I was wondering how hulthemias would stripe.

Hi Kim,

Many of the darker centered Hulthemias have bright yellow stamens, while others have very dark red/purple stamens. What struck me about this one was that there are some anthers that are very light, while others are quite dark - all on the same flower. Have you seen this phenomenon in other striped roses? I can’t recall ever seeing this. I wonder if the fertility is the same between the lighter and darker anthers, and whether there would be any difference in the offspring. I doubt whether I will try separating out the anthers and do crosses to find out!

Hi Fara,

Thank you. This one’s petals are not showing much striping except in the blotch zone. There are other striped Hulthemias further down my blog that have striping on the petals as well.

I tried breeding Burgundy Iceberg since the sport seemed non-superficial… but nothing really happened. They turned out looking sick and Iceberg-like.

You know, Jim, when I first saw this flower I thought straight away that it looks like yellow striping on a yellow rose. If the blotch wasn’t there you wouldn’t know it was striped! I wonder if this has ever happened resulting in visually unstriped roses being able to pass on striping? It’s pretty cool that the striping extends into the anthers (or is it the blotch extending into the anthers :wink: ). It’s also interesting that the yellow anthers don’t necessarily line up with the stripes on the petals.