Stressing out plants for productivity.

I have a very tiny Reine des Violettes that I ignore. It came back from its roots. I gave the original to my sister who was in love with this rose, and she grows it at her house in San Bernadino. Well, I keep hack this plant trying to kill it. I don’t water it. Well, today I went there to see the plant and I was surprised. Two hips on this rose.

It’s hard to get any pollen from this rose, and it’s never set hips.

I’ve heard that the more stressed, the more likely it will set hips in a desperate attempt to produce offspring.

Well, one hips had no seeds, and the other had one.

I’m thinking that next year I am going to try to experiment with my fully grown Crested Sweetheart, which makes no hips for me. I may just cutting it to the ground all year and see if it will show any hips in the future years.

Hi Enrique,

Stress may help, at least others have reported that. Too much pruning though for me has resulted in decreased hip production for even seed fertile plants. I would also consider an experiment to just let it grow wild for a couple years without any pruning whatsoever.

Just a thought.

Jim Sproul