Stratification trickery and species crosses

I have crosses from species roses currently in stratification. My understanding is patience will be a virtue. I am thinking I can take them out of the fridge then place them back in the fridge, hence the attempt to trick the seeds into thinking they are going through several seasons in a shorter amount of time. Has anyone suggestions of time table proportions to accomplish this? Thinking of hybrid crosses, it seems 3 months stratification serves in a year.

Available information does suggest that alternating temperatures can be better than a constant 40 degrees F (4 degrees C). Be careful with your warm temperature treatment, as rose seeds can be forced back into a secondary dormancy by excessive temperatures. 50 degrees F seems to be a safe maximum. I use 1 month at room temperature followed by indefinite incubation at 40. I use Henry

I’d like feedback on whether alternating between my refrigerator which is in the mid thirty degree range and wine refrigerators in about the 55 degree range would be a good idea. Thanks. Bob Williams

Robert, I would “guess” yes.

Sounds like a good excuse to dally in the wine fridge to me.