storing seeds for next year

Hi everyone

This spring I have some seeds, especially from a yellow rose Chinatown, which hasn’t germinate yet. Actually only one seed from that rose, have germinated so far.

I can see many of you wrote about second year germination is even better for many yellow species, but I wonder how you all store the seeds through the summer/autumns. Do you dry them and then give them a cool treatment next winter or how do you handle them??

Looking forward to her from you, thanks



If you can leave them outdoors, normal weather conditions seem to serve as well as anything to promote germination in the late summer and fall. Once the night temperatures begin to stay above 50 degrees in spring or early summer, germination will gradually stop, and it will begin again in late summer (if you have a rainy season then).

Living in Lubbock, Texas, I used to get a few germinations in late July and August, followed by more in September–December. The seeds were sown in wooden flats that I just left outside (covered by other, upside-down wooden flats to protect from direct sun and extreme weather such as hail and torrential rain). The flats were moved to a cool garage after freezing weather began in November.

Hi Peter

Thanks for your reply.

I still got all my seeds in the fridge. Will it be better though to leave them outside (the daytime temperature is about 50 now) or shall I keep them in the fridge for some month more, to see if the will germinate there first?

The Chinatown seeds have been in the fridge since 29th of January.



Others might have a different idea, but I think I’d put them outdoors–assuming that you don’t leave them out to freeze. Forgetting is a danger for me, but maybe it is not for you. If it is, just wait until there are no freezes at night either. You’ll probably get more germinations this way than you will by leaving them in the refrigerator. If you know any hybridizers in your zone, you might ask them.


Well Peter there is still a possibility for freezing nights in Denmark, so I will keep the seeds in the fridge for some weeks more, before putting them outdoors.

Strange enough I can’t find any other hobby/home hybridizers around me, only the company

“Poulsen roser” see link below, seems to do rose hybridizing, but I could mail them though.