Stanwell Perpetual

I’ve have Stanwell Perpetual growing in the far end of my garden. It’s a rose I generally ignored but was thinking of using it this year this year in my hybridizing plans. Since I have never noticed hips on it I just assumed it was sterile. Correct assumption?

Has anyone had any experience using Stanwell Perpetual as a parent either way.



‘Stanwell Perpetual’ is likely in the pedigree of ‘Suzanne’. The foliage of both cultivars is similar with a bluish tinge to the foliage. From Skinner’s description of the parentage of ‘Suzanne’, ‘Stanwell Perpetual’ would have been used as the pistillate parent. However, since we are not absolutely sure about the parentage of ‘Suzanne’, I think experimentation is necessary to determine if ‘Stanwell Perpetual’ is fertile as a pistillate parent.

I collected a couple OP hips from the Stanwell Perpetual at the local rose garden this summer, so it is probably not completely steril, though the hips had very few seeds (only one or two each) and none have germinated yet.

My plant hasn’t made hips, but I’ve used it a little as a pollen parent. It is difficult to find anthers. When I was a grower in charge of the rose program at the nursery I worked at I would order bareroot plants of SP to force and sell in part due to finding it produces a few more anthers in the greenhouse than on my plant in the garden. I would collect pollen off of the plants if they haven’t sold yet and use it. I have had some hybrids with rugosas I remember, but didn’t save any (blackspot). I don’t think I got any successful crosses with it crossed with tetraploid modern shrubs, but my attempts were few because of little pollen available.



Ivan Louette in Belgium has worked with this rose,

with excellent results.

See his Website below (mainly in French).

Best wishes,

Pierre Lauwers.