Spring RHA meeting in Denver

The spring meeting of the RHA will be at 2:30 Saturday afternoon, June 28th in Denver in conjunction with the ARS Spring Convention. Many of you have been following the postings and photos by Jim Sproul on the RHA Forum, as well as the Rosarians Corner. Jim, an RHA member from Bakersfield, CA will be at the meeting to talk to us about his hybridizing program. He has quite a number of lovely roses to his credit; a few of them include

Sounds like it will be a very interesting program.

Who else will be attending the Denver convention?

See you soon John!

Where exactly in Denver is this meeting? I their information in the newsletter? Do you have to be a member of the american rose society or just a member of the RHA.


The meeting will be in the Four Points Sheraton Southeast Hotel, which is the convention HQ. Address is 6363 East Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80222. You must be registered for the convention if you are going to attend any of the scheduled seminars, tours, etc., but anyone can drop in and attend just the RHA meeting w/o being a convention attendee. I am not sure if one needs to be an ARS member to register for the convention or not. Hope you can make it to the meeting.


I forgot to add that the folks that are hosting the convention would appreciate convention registration! They are kind enuf to provide us with a place to meet which does cost them. So, bottom line is - register for the convention if you can.


I attended the Rose Convention in St Paul last year and I’m not a member of ARS. I went to the web site of the ARS society that was putting it on. They had information on all the events and a form to fill out. I don’t think they asked me if I was a member or not. They did ask if it was my first convention though. They had a free dinner for all of the first timers. All I had to do was to tell them what events I planned to attend. Most of the events were covered by the entrance fee, but some of the seminars, the dinners and the field trips were extra. The RHA meeting was extra also.



Check out the convention in Denver at http://www.2008arsdenver.com/. There was a charge for the meeting in St Paul, as Paul mentioned, as the meeting was not at the hotel, but at another location and our members were bussed there. A lunch was also included. We are not going out of the hotel in Denver and there will not be a lunch. If you register you can attend all the programs, including the one following the RHA meeting - Dr Neville Arnold, who will be discussing “Breeding Winter-Hardy and Disease Resistant Roses”.