Spring Newsletter

The Spring newsletter went in the mail today - Friday, April 17th. This issue is 24 pages so give the post office an extra day to get it to you!

If you don’t receive a copy and you think you should have received one, please contact me to review the status of your membership. There are a number of members whose membership expired with the last issue who haven’t renewed yet. You might be one of them. If so, you can still receive a copy by sending your dues to me.

Renewal notices are included with your newsletter if it is time for you to renew. Please fill out the form and send your dues promptly so that you don’t fall in the “OOPS, I forgot to renew” category.

I got my issue today. Thanks to all that took the time to write for the newsletter as well as those that print and mail it.


I got mine yesterday, and I had a great time reading it. I was especially grateful for the information on how the miniature trait is inherited, as this has bedeviled me.

A quick note: In my own article,

Excellent newsletter, thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. The Spinosissima info is very much appreciated.