Spring Newsletter

The spring issue of the RHA Newsletter was mailed to all RHA members on Friday, so be watching for it in your mailbox. I hope you’ll like it.



Just received it today. The page with the color photos is neat! Sure adds a lot to the article. A splendid issue! Those hybridizers that don’t get the newsletter are missing out on a lot of good info.

I got my own copy in the mail today. Here’s hoping everyone else has it by Thursday or Friday. Feedback is welcome.

I haven’t received mine yet. I’m looking forward to it though!


I forgot to renue my subscription for RHA, any chance if I remember to do it this week that I can still get a newsletter?

SteveJ, email Larry Peterson (same email as in your old Newsletters) or me (I’ll pass along your email to the Petersons), and reserve a copy. Or catch up with Larry and Mary at the ARS convention. They will have a few copies at the convention.