Spring Newsletter is in the Mail

We mailed the new & improved Spring newsletter today. Thanks go to Michel van der Hoek who did most of the reformatting, Betsy van der Hoek who has been editing copy and developing ideas for new features and Peter Harris for all their work in once again making our newsletter more attractive and easier to read. Please let them know what you think of the new look. I think you will be very pleased.

As usual, there are a few (former) members who haven’t sent in their renewals yet. Emails have been sent to those that I have an address for and letters will be sent to the three that don’t have an email address on file. If you don’t receive a copy and think you should, please contact me & we will see why.

Contact information for the editors is on pages two & three in the newsletter.

Nice job on the Newsletter. I like the new format.

I was hoping Paul’s article on acicularis might mention ‘Pike’s Peak’ or ‘Dornroschen’.

Thanks to all who work to improve newsletters present and past, those who contribute content, and those who get them in the mail.

It is appreciated.

Hi Larry

I am also looking forward to see the new improved newsletter asap.

Volcanic ash skies from the Iceland eruptions have grounded most airplanes in Europe at the moment though, so I will have to be patient!




I really like the new format. Great job Michael, Betsy and Peter.

Nice job everybody… I like it… Larry Popwell

The new format is very nice. I found Paul’s article on acicularis was very informative.

I agree with the above, the new look of the newsletter is really great and as usually the articles are a great info source on any hybridizing aspects! Thanks for that!