Spring ARS National Conference and Rose Show

Who is planning on attending the Rose Hybrizer Association Meeting from 10:00 am till noon on friday April 30th? This is part of the schedule of events of the Spring ARS Conference. This year it’s being held in Shreveport.

What topics are normally covered at these meetings? I have not initated many posts but I have really appreciated those of you that have years of experience and willingly share it with new hybridizers. I was hoping to meet some of you.


We normally have a very short business meeting and one or more speakers usually speaking on their hybridizing program or some aspect of interest to the members. It depends on where we are meeting and the particular talent of the speaker available. For example, David Zlesak & friends at the U of MN talked about blackspot research, took us into a lab to see chromosomes under high power magnification and we toured the test fields. In Memphis, we visited the nursery of Whit Wells, learned about his successful hybridizing program and enjoyed a delicious barbecue by Whit and his family. Jim Turner presented an illustrated talk on his hybridizing program at Palm Springs last year as did Jim Sproul when we met in Denver. John Moe is finalizing plans for Shreveport which include touring the RHA trial grounds and possibly evaluating any entries that might be there. The grounds were renovated and fenced last year under the guidance of Jack Walter who heads up the trial grounds committee. The meetings also give you a chance to meet fellow hybridizers and exchange ideas. Our meetings usually turn out to be time constrained since we always have more to talk about or see than time alloted in the schedule.

I look forward to seeing you and as many other members that can attend. I will also have booklets and hats available for purchase as well as old back issues for free to take home.

Its only about a 2 1/2 hour drive for me so I will try to make it.


Thanks Larry and Patrick,

If anyone wants to get together prior to the meeting for coffee and talk about hybridizing, 9:00 am will work for me.

Larry laid it out very well what we have scheduled. We do have some business items, e.g., the financials, the newsletter and the website to discuss. Jack Walter will get into the evaluation process for the roses there at the garden. He told me that he would have the head gardener there to talk about and then take us thru the garden so we can see what they have done to make the trial garden something that will be used and appreciated. The roses that are there should be in bloom, so we can try our hand at evaluating. We will also talk about the newest trial site in St Cloud, MN for those that would want to test in an area that can have some very cold weather.

As you know, it will be time for elections again this fall. Ever since I have been involved, there have been very limited results with the nominative process. Maybe the way to go is like the ARS does