Spring 2009 RHA Newsletter--call for articles and stuff

Please send me your articles, notes, questions, and short autobiographical sketches for the Spring 2009 issue of the RHA Newsletter.

If you have already written stuff to send in, please send it in. And if you haven’t written anything yet, go ahead and let us know what you’re doing–or hoping to do–with roses.

The announced symposium topics for the Spring Newsletter:

Beginner’s Luck.

Anything that might be useful to a beginner, or anyone, will fit into this topic. Maybe you had really good luck with a new way of handling seeds, or you found a more successful way to propagate your seedlings so you could have more than one plant–really, anything. Maybe you didn’t do anything spectacular but found a really good source of brushes for pollination–tell us about it, even if it’s just a short note for me to pass along in the Editor’s Notes.

Inheritance of the Miniature Trait or Breeding for the Miniature Trait.

This topic was requested by one of our members. With people trying to keep gardening but not having as much room to do it as they used to, miniatures are a very attractive option. Some of you may remember the day when a mini didn’t have fragrance, but fragrance is often present in today’s minis. Even dedicated HT growers more and more find ways to grow minis–sometimes in a dedicated bed, but often just scattered around the yard where a large rose wouldn’t fit.

Please get your articles, notes, questions, bios, etc. to me as soon as possible. In the Winter Newsletter I requested that materials be in by March 1, but if you get them in by March 15, I’ll able to include your work in the coming issue. I would like to get the issue to the printer by Saint Patrick’s Day.



I’ll see what I can do to contribute. I certainly know quite a bit about how miniaturism works at this stage of the game. How long (or more accurately, how SHORT) do you want these pieces to be. I fear I might end up writing a small book on the subject, given the chance!

I’d like to write a bit about the origins of miniaturism, I think.


Here is the main part of what I told Paul in trying to answer his question:

I can use articles of almost any length. If an article is too long to go in one issue, I might make it into a 2- or 3-part series. Say what you’re interested in saying, and we can talk about the length after you finish. If something on a topic spills over to the next issue, it’s no problem. Making an informal outline usually leads to a clearer overall focus and a clearer sense of the subtopics and the places where divisions might be made.