Spring 2005 Newsletter Call for articles and notes

In the last Newsletter I forgot to list the symposium topics for the spring issue.

Some of you have been kind enough to send in articles despite my forgetfulness, but I still have some room. The topic may be as you wish–something you’re interested in, preferably. A short note about potential parents, or about something you observed in the seedlings of a particular cross, or some seeds that are germinating really well–any of these would be greatly appreciated.

If you’ve done any hybridizing with rose species, especially R. spinosissima or one of its hybrids or relatives (yes, even R. hugonis or R. primula), a note or article on that subject would fit right in.

If you are thinking of a topic and want to ask if it would be something good for this issue, just email me (or call on the phone). Chances are that it will.

If you have questions about the availability of supplies or rose varieties, those also are welcome. Probably someone can give answers.

Please send articles and brief notes by March 25 or 26. If I can’t use them in this issue I’ll let you know, and I’ll keep them for the next issue.

SPECIAL ATTENTION–> If you’re not thinking about sending varieties to the Shreveport American Rose Center trial grounds, maybe you should be. The trial grounds are being refurbished, and varieties are needed for test.