Spotted Roses

Has anyone here done any work with spotted roses? I’m trying to determine the inheritance of spotting, and how many different types of spotting there are. I’ve got eight seedlings of “Fa’s Marbled Moss” that are about to bloom for the first time and the wait is killing me.

No, but I understand Alain Blanchard can pass on it’s spotting. Paul Barden bred an even more strongly spotted rose from it called ‘Song of the Stars.’

I don’t think my winters are cold enough for it, but if yours are I would at least get Alain and maybe ask Paul about the fertility of SotS?

Jim Sproule’s, “Purple Leopard”, is the most amazing spotted rose I have ever seen.

I hope Jim is working on these. I think he has something really novel there and of course it repeats.

I used to grow ‘Marbree’ and it is spotted. Like Amber, my climate is never cold enough to make it really happy.

Paul B. was using it. I don’t know if he ever got anything spotted out of it.

It might be worth exploration, especially for those in cold climates.

I have Marbree, Song of the Stars (from which I’ve saved some pollen), Ma Ponctuee and three spotted roses that I found in a local ditch–and the seedlings, which decided to start unfurling flowers just as my camera decided to die…

Purple Leopard, eh? Purple. Spots. OOOOoooooo! Where can I get this?

Unfortunately it’s a rose of Jim’s that he’s not released,

but here’s a link to it:


Is spotting same as stipling? Dr Buck produced some stipled varieties: Freckles, Dorcas, others; from Applejack, Laxa.

Well, I’ll have to apologize for finally culling “Purple Leopard”. It got too much powdery mildew for me and it didn’t produce much pollen or set OP hips. Also, I just had too many projects going on to add another one.

For those interested in pursuing this type of rose, ‘Midnight Blue’ seems to pass on some spotting.

As a side note, I moved my website but haven’t taken down the old site yet (I am not updating the old site). The new site is at the link below.

Jim Sproul


Midnight Blue does?! Ooo, I just got one this spring. Will have to give it a go when it blooms again.

Too bad about Purple Leopard.

Spotted and stippled I would say are two different phenomena. Spotted is usually light dots or splotches on a darker ground, and stippling is dark dots on a lighter ground. I’ve got Freckles, and I’d planned to use it and Rosa arkansana to determine if you can have both spotting and stippling on the same rose.


This year I’ve made a few crosses of Buck’s Sevilliana X Marbree both ways. We shall see what happens. I will probably be lucky just to get a reblooming seeding.


Last year I had crosses of Fa’s Marbled Moss and Marbree, both ways, and they sprouted fine.

And then the cat ate them.

My Ma Ponctuee has had Unfortunate Incidents with the yard guy two years running. This is because it is out of the way- planted over a pet grave. But even if it were doing better I don’t think I’d use it, the spotting seems unreliable. It has two kinds of blooms, a pale clear pink, and a darker, more lavander bloom that is spotted. The first year it only gave me the pinks. Now it gives a few spotted ones. Anyone else have that experience with Ma Ponctuee?

To tell you the truth, my Ma Ponctuee has, so far, -never- produced a spotted bloom.

Ha! Oh no! How long have you had it? I did feel really bad the first year with mine, I was so disappointed. I knew there could be no mistake in what had been sold to me, but I thought maybe it was just an unstable plant and that mine would never spot. The other thing I notice is that it seems to spot more in heat. But really, I haven’t had it for long enough to know if that is true or just coincidence.

Amber, this is the second year it will be in my garden, so I can’t say that my experience is very vast, but there it is. I have plenty of buds that should be open in a week or so, so we’ll see. Curious how the roses all broke and leafed out three weeks early but are blooming exactly on schedule.

Purple Heart will spot/blotch in stressed weather conditions. Normally, it is violet overlayed in purple (violet in extreme heat), but sometimes they come out violet with purple blotches.

I crossed it, among others, to Sevilliana this year :slight_smile:

Wow! Let us know what you get!

Oh, I will if I have any luck. Ive done a crosses to Sevilliana and from Sevilliana this spring so far.

Then maybe heat does make spotting more pronounced. Many roses change color a little depending on the temperature/light. Do you have mild summers, Fara?

Mild… well… uh… no. The temperature gets up in the high 90F/30C, down to a little more than half that at night, and if the humidity gets into the double digits, everybody melts. We’re also at altitude (5190ft, 1560m) so the sunshine is VERY strong. Almost no rain.

That said, I don’t think heat itself makes spotting more pronounced, though I think dryiness and/or sunshine does. I have two roses here that were found “in the wild” (that is to say, in an irrigation ditch on the side of a road), that are spotted. There is a huge difference in both of these plants depending upon whether they are in the ditch, where they get no water except whatever tiny bit of rain they can catch, and full sun all day long, and when they are in the garden, where they get water and a bit of shade.

The plants in the ditch are darker, a bit more… “merry” looking in their flowering habit, and far more obviously spotted. The plants in the garden are lighter, more “formal” in their bloom, and spotting, while equally present, is less visible. (In the photo below, garden grown flowers on the left, “feral” roses on the right. The roses on the left are from a sucker taken from the roses on the right.)

Makes you wonder…