Spotted roses do have their charm

This is an OP (Rt 66OPXBasyes Legacy) that is a seedling this yr from a last yrs seedling that forms hips from every blossum. It is amazingly vigorous, really healthy, and the pollen may have been from Europeana, which it sits next to. [attachment 1793 IMG_2116640x479.jpg] It is also very prolific blooming, second flush with 6 more buds to open. Was not sure that the spots were going to be a permanent feature the first time around, which I remember as having 8 petals, so it may be a semi dble. I do like the scarlet red which is an improvement over the fucshia red of its’ mother. And it is prickle free. I always love that. Am using the parent a lot this yr as it seemed to have passed a lot of good health on to all its’ first yr seedlings.

[attachment 1794 IMG_2120640x479.jpg]

That is GREAT Jackie! I like that a lot! That should have been called something like “Starry Night”. I’d like to see it in more double, larger flowers and other colors, too. Congratulations!

Yeah, pretty cool!

Love it!

Me too!

I LOVE those spots, Jackie, as well as singles so this one is a double winner to me!