Spotted, Crinkled Flowers (but a good thing!)

Hi, folks,

Finally came back from my trip, to find all my seedlings blooming. When the seed parent opens, she sometimes has slightly crinkles petals which flatten out. Not this one. The whole bush is covered with these. These are this plant’s first flowers. Any chance that this is the true flower form, or will she grow out of it? And nice big spots in the bargain! Yahoo!

That is a cute cute flower. Love it!

I will be interested in hearing what others say about maintaining the crinkled petals, etc…



Oh, and forgot to mention: It’s a moss!

I don’t know about crinkles that look like that, but I did get one rose that had unusual…wavy? kind of petals. It’s had them right since it’s first single bloom, and it picks up petals with every bloom but they always stay wavy, long and pointed. I like the crinkles on that mose rose though, it makes them look kind of like tissue paper. You can keep watching but I would guess they would probably tend to stay crinkley.

From what I’ve learned…

The first few flowers are just good indicators for future flowers–

For example, my seedling of Prospero X Goldmoss seemed to be a pink and yellow bicolor… at first. And the flower form looked like Goldmoss.

But as the plant became older, I found out that it actually had exquistely cuped shape blooms and the bicolor wasn’t just pink and yellow… it was pale gold and a flaring carmine red.

I love this little rose because in cool weather, it can be the best flower color. But the color fades horribly in the sun. I mean, what can you expect from its parentage? Prospero fades to an attractive “blue” color and Goldmoss fades horribly into a spotty white?

I’m content with keeping it. Orginally I made that cross in hopes of a mossy English rose. Instead, I got this pretty seedling. Not what I wanted, but I see different possibilities for this rose. I hope to find Pat Austin pollen, a bicolor English rose, to possibly enhance the bi-colorness and to bring back fragrance into the next generation.