Sports ..... not really a hybridizing question but thought I would post here

I have a sport about to open on Green Ice … going to be either pink or red … suggestions on propagating it either cutting or air layer possibly?

Thank You for ANY suggestions !!!



First, how do you know its a sport if it has not opened yet. A lot of buds are a different color than the flower color so you have to wait to see what color the flower is. On the other hand I surely hope this is a sport for you and you get to enjoy it. If this sport is very important to you than you may want to get someone to propagate it for you.


In such a case, I prefer to air layer. Cuttings can be unpredictable and just up and die on a person … then your new plant is gone for good! Please post a photo when that bud opens.


A word of caution: Green Ice buds are often red or deep pink in the cooler weather of Spring. The open bloom will be the deciding factor. Good luck!