Spinosissima hips

I noticed how quickly they’ve matured on the bushes. Blooms in late April have mature, colored hips now are ready to drop from abscission layer formation.

It seems a lot in nature to ask these to wait through a winter before the seeds sprout.

I’ve had some accidental germinations in fall for dropped hips from Golden Wings and now I’m wondering if a cold spell is needed.

Thoughts? Experiences?

Ann, ‘Golden Wings’ is known to be a poor seed parent. I think there might be potential in any self or open pollinated seedlings.

I think these seedlings should be preserved for further study. I for one am interested in them.

I would encourage you to preserve them as you can.

I suspect such seedlings would be the result of seed that has overwintered but I don’t know this to be a fact. I have had success with un-chilled seed but no experience with Golden Wings.

Thanks, Robert