spinosissima and roxburghii hybrids

I have been collecting hips from open pollenated flowers in my garden and found that the seeds of ‘Stanwell Pertpetual’ (a R.spinosisimma x ) have germinated very well - I can tell as they all have the unusual leaf and prickle formation.

Does anyone else us this parent? What sort of variation do you get? All my seedlings have the ‘fern’ leaf and prickles rather than thorns. I have yet to see a flower.

I have only done my first cross for roses this year (Bloomfield Dainty x Whiskey Mac)and am keen to try and cross with R.roxbughii (which I have a cutting of the double form). However this plant does not seem to want to flower! Does anyone grow the roxbughii spp. and when do they normally flower? I am in Australia so a season is most relevant rather than a month.

Wow, that’s great that you have seeds and seedlings from ‘Stanwell Pertpetual’. My plant and those I see in neighborhood landscapes have not set any hips. I have struggled in the past and got a few anthers (doesn’t produce many) and actually got some hybrids when the pollen was placed on the rugosa ‘Pristine Pavement’. The hybrids were intermediate maybe favoring SP. Perhaps that’s because PP is diploid and SP is tetraploid and the hybrids are probably triploid and have two doses of SP genes versus one of PP. I’ve given up using SP directly since it’s been such a struggle. I love SP for it’s plant habit, flower form, repeat bloom, and fragrance. I hope you can bring the great traits of SP into some nice modern hybrids Christy.