Spider Mites

I read some where some miniature was nearly resistant to spider mites. But i am having trouble remebering what miniature it was. I should write stuff like this down. I was wondering weither anybody has read this same thing. Also is this true I think maybe it could be but I am a little effy about this information. Lastly if this is true are their also other roses that as somewhat resistant, because it is certainly a big problem in dry areas.

Hi Adam,

I am growing roses for over 40 years and hybridizing since 1969.

I had spider mites on many different varieties, mainly on minis and I don’t believe the story that there are some roses resistant to spider mites.

I did a search on Google for “spider mites resistant roses” and could not find any results.

When I searched for “spider mites on roses” there were 534 results.

Link: www3.telus.net/georgemander

I found what I read. It said that The Fairy is the rose that is resistant to spider mites. So after thinking awhile on that and your George maybe they are partily right. The Fairy is more drought tolerate than most other roses and spider mites do go after plants that are under drought stress so maybe it appeared to this person that it was resistant to spider mites but really the plant was resistant to drought. I am assuming however that the fairy is drought tolerant because of a post on the forum pointing to early polyanthas as roses that can be used for the purpose of breeding for drought tolerance.