Speckled Rose

Here is a new speckled rose from this year. It has had 4 blooms now and all have been speckled. Other than the speckling, it is not that spectacular, however, I will probably try it in breeding to see if it passes this trait along.

The speckles on this one are smaller than the polka dots that I have seen on other seedlings.

Jim Sproul

Hi Jim,

This flower is just lovely. Were you trying for this spotting? Did the parents have it too?

Wow! Want!! Don’t suppose you’d be willing to share some pollen, or maybe a cutting? Oooo, that is SO up my street!


Did this by any chance come out of ‘Sevilleana’?

Jim & Fara: the first thing I did when I saw this posting was to scroll down to find the inevitable response from Fara – and I was not disappointed. Forget about mere stripes and spots, I am waiting for one of you to come up with a seedling that can accurately be named “Stars and Stripes.” Bob

LOL, I’m working on it, Bob!


Looks like a yellow eye. Hulthemia hybrid? She’s pretty.

Robert, I think they are trying for Hulthemia eye, stripes, spots and stripling. That might be a bit too busy to look pretty.


Simon, thank you, no I wasn’t trying for speckles with this cross and it is not present in either of the parents.

Fara, I’m glad you responded - I was thinking of you when I posted this! Yes, I will root some cuttings for you.

Paul, no I haven’t used ‘Sevilleana’, but have heard of a speckled Buck rose. This one has the parentage: X [(‘Stainless Steel’ X ‘Baby Love’) X ‘Julia Child’]. I have had several seedlings with ‘Midnight Blue’ in them having varying amounts of polka dots, but I hadn’t seen the smaller speckling like on this one.

Bob, that is a good idea. I wonder whether this is a transmissible trait and whether it would be stable with stripes. Could be a cool look!

Jon, thanks! This doesn’t have any Hulthemia in it. There is a sister seedling though that has K201 (my best Hulthemia from 2007 in it). Though this other new seedling “M144-1”, is quite nice, it doesn’t have the Hulthemia blotch either. I will try to photograph it, but dark purples do not photograph well with my camera.

Jim Sproul


Thanks so much!! Anything I can root for you? There’s a list of what I’ve got on my blog. I’ve heard from other sources that ‘Midnight Blue’ is sometimes a source of spots; alas none of the crosses I made with it last year sprouted. Oh well, there’s always this year.

Speaking of the blog, I went on there at some length about the difference between what my eye sees and what my camera sees. Photos of roses with any strong colors except yellows always seem to need some adjustment. The GIMP is therefore my friend! Although I have to say, my camera is really good at catching the purple of ‘Cardinal de Richelieu’.

I’m hoping to do a lot of crossing of some of my spotted roses with various striped roses this spring to see what I can get. Actually, at this point, I’m thinking of crossing everything with everything, because you never know… If only we’d get some sunshine so things other than R.w.ultramontana would start blooming (though I have two very promising-looking hips of a cross of that and L-83).

Wow, very cool! Glad to hear you are going to keep it long enough to try breeding with it. Should be interesting to see what happens there.

Also interesting info about ‘Midnight Blue’. I had not previously heard about the potential to pass on spots to seedlings. I just acquired it this year to use in my ongoing quest towards a good mauve stripe. So, needless to say, I’m now particularly curious to see what sorts of seedlings I get.

BTW, I just came across ‘Ladybug’ by accident yesterday…I don’t even remember how I stumbled on it. But that is another speckled rose. A floribunda from Meilland. Doesn’t seem to be readily available anywhere…but thought I would throw that out there…

Hmmmm! Another one to add to my list!

Didn’t Moore have a striped Rugosa that came out a couple of years ago? Maybe that would be interesting to use in crosses.

Meg…yes he did…‘Moore’s Striped Rugosa’. I actually just ordered this on Tuesday from Nor’ East.

Three cuttings were made of a new branch of this one. The newest bloom appeared to be the most speckled so far.

Jim Sproul