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I found a foreign site with species roses and their hybrids. I cant read most of it but there is a large section of rugosa hybrids and thought it might interest some of you to see the pics. A lot of beautiful reds in there such as Red Rugostar and Carmina. Also, “Tea” seems to have a color similar to ‘Bayse’s Purple’. Check out the thorns on Schneelicht. Ow…

Sorry if it is a repeat–this is new to me.

Link: www.proartists.com/roses/

It’s new to me… thanks.

Thank you Jadae

This site is Pirjo Rautio’s one.

And many roses are from her own breeding. She is breeding in southern Finland. A quite northern latitude. And you will discover as I did a lot of rugosa, nitida, gallica, spinosissima etc hybrids. I did not knew these wonderfully varied roses.

From a mail I got recently some will be available from a few nurseries by the end of 04.

Enjoy te pictures

I love the rugosa/gallica cross… I’ve attempted a few times to do this, but was always unluckey… Maybe I should choose different parents.

Link: www.proartists.com/roses/A-UUDET%20SIVUT/UUDET%20RUGOSAT-K-M/mini-pieni.html


Yes, the Rosa rugosa/gallica cultivar appears to be a lovely rose. Rosa rugosa/gallica crosses can be difficult to do. I have a few seedlings of ‘Hansa’ x Rosa gallica ‘Versicolor’ and they should bloom within a year or two. However, they seem to have only moderate vigour. ‘Hansa’ crossed with the gallica ‘James Mason’ is easy to do, but the seedlings have no evidence of rugosa in the foliage and are prone to mildew. More work should be done hybridizing Rosa rugosa and R. gallica, since I think there is a lot of potential in developing a new type of hardy and tough rose.


np guys, anything to help.

I like the site, too. Ive always wondered what an alba and a rugosa would look like.