Speaking of Spinosissimas: 'William III'

I’ve grown ‘William III’ for nearly ten years now and have come to admire it more and more each year. Not only does it grow in conditions of near total neglect, it is disease proof and modest in size. It also happens to have an excellent perfume.

I haven’t used any Spinosissimas in breeding before, but in 2008 I put its pollen on a few things, mostly on my best seed bearers, regardless of color or shrub habit. I feel its better to obtain fertile seeds of any type at first, especially when the cross is likely to be difficult. Not surprisingly, Ralph Moore’s ‘Condoleezza’ has produced the most seedlings so far. (‘Condoleezza’ is one of those roses you can put any pollen on and get seedlings) I’m very curious to see what I get. No doubt it will take at least one year to see blooms on any of these, but thats fine.

Anyone else ever used ‘William III’ as a breeder?


No, but I’ve been tempted. ‘William III’ did well here in the desert too. I hope you get something fun out of it.

Paul, I worked a bit with

I’m interested in the spinosissimas too-- I’m growing an OP seedling of either Harrison’s Yellow or “Double Yellow Spinossisma” from Heritage…

And the seedling is pretty-- I mean, the thorns are so long that the plant seems to glow in the sunlight.

It will take years before I can see its flower… right now it’s suckering, but I enjoy it even though I may never know what’s its true parentage.

Thanks for the reminder, Paul. I think ‘William III’ could have potential to develop bi-colour Spinosissimas. This is a colour we lack in Spinosissimas cold hardy for Zone 3. Crossing with ‘Beauty of Leafland’, ‘Madeline’s Choice’ or ‘Yellow Altai’ may achieve this. I’ll give it a go this spring.


Interesting that you should mention this. ‘Condoleezza’ is a subtle bicolor (paler reverse) and it often breeds dramatic bicolors. (See: ‘Incantation’ link below) With any luck my cross with 'William III" might reinforce this trait. crosses fingers

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=57528