Spanish Sun?

Has anyone worked with this oldie? It’s the parent to the famous Sunsprite. I recently picked it up locally for sale, and was gonna pass up on buying it until I smelled it. It smells really strong and really sweet.

Color: Primrose. The ARS classification is misleading. It is like Elina in color.

Habit: like Sunsprite, but more compact, and less irregular.

Foliage: somewhat like Circus or Pinnochio.

Form: like 3" fat HT blooms in clusters of 5.

So, has anyone worked with this one? I plan on keeping it in a pot and trying fragrant cross with it. So far, Scentimental, Geoff Hamilton and Rosy Future seem to be a good match with it.

The patent states that one of the grandparents was a climber, which reminded me that both Sunflare and Sunsprite have climbing sports from this. They get it from both sides since they are also descendants of the R. rubiginosa yellow climber line.

My main concern is diease issues since, back then, chemicals made noting disease less of a concern…

Crappy pics – it hailed all week, and I wasnt in the mood to care, but I took these for others to get an idea of what it looked like,

Not a strong color but it has a good track record. I’m interested in hearing about disease resistance.

Me too. I will pollenate it this spring, and will watch for disease. the worst I can lose is time, I guess. I’m really interested in whether or not it passes on its nice scent.

btw, I like that it isnt a strong yellow. For example, I have found it exceeding hard to find breeding stock to create fragrant white climbers and floribundas. Also, I wonder how it mixes with mauves? I have a lot of strong yellows, so I am not worried about that. Especially since it is my fave color.

Fun note: I hate strong yellow on homes and other plants. I hate it on clothes or on myself. I even hate gold jewelry. But why do I love strong gold roses so much? I bet we all have rose colors we love, but dislike the colors on other things. Weird, lol.


I’ve been looking for this rose. What nursery sells it?