Is there a supplier/nursery for roses that you would recommend? As my budget is limited, I am price sensitive.

Chris Mauchline

My favorite has been and still is Roses Unlimited in South Carolina. I think price-wise they are competitive (at worst), and the plants you get are decent sized…not scrawny little hardly even rooted cuttings. They’re also very nice people to deal with. Try em and you’ll see what I mean.

I looked up Roses Unlimited, $13/rose doesn’t seem to bad, but besides $5 base shipping charge, for my shipping zone (I live in PA), it would be an additional $4/rose.

Any opinions on Chamblee’s?

Hi Chris, you can’t beat the price of roses from Sequoia Nsy. They have quite an extensive supplemental rose list. All are shipped own-root and there are many OGR’s and unusual varieties including many of the Bucks. I’ve ordered their roses many times and am quite pleased and astonished that they haven’t gone up in price. Check out the new bracteata hybrids too! Thanks, Robert