Sources for some uncommon species?

There’s three I would like to find.

Rosa minutifolia

Hulthemia persica

Rosa hardii

I have a cousin working in Afghanistan right now. Anyone have any suggestions on where he might find a source of Hulthemia persica seed over there to ship to me? I have already dropped him a line about it.

Where are you? I am near a nursery that sells R. Minutifolia. Tree of Life nursery in San Juan Capistrano. And actually, I gave away my own plant of it at the ARS conference last week and was headed there to get one for myself, probably next week.



I’m in Tennessee. They don’t ship do they?

They don’t but I could, as long as your in the US. Plants are $10 plus whatever it costs to ship it.

Thank you Kathy. I sent you an email.

Ok – that’s one I’m sending out. Anyone else want one while I’m doing this?


From one of Jack Harkness’s Books.

Native of the steppes and desert regions of Iran, Afghanistan and central Asia north to western Siberia, flowers from April to June, Rosa persica is common in Iran, often growing as a weed in cornfields, and being used for fuel after the wheat has been harvested. In cultivation, plants of Iranian origin have proved very difficult to flower, even in a cold frame, plants from Tashkent grew and flowered well in a frame at Wisley Garden. J L Harkness spent much time hybridising R. persica with the view that the distinctive red eye would be an important addition to thr breeding pool of roses. Rather tender. Grows best in a dry sunny position on rather alkaline soil. Zone 6, will survive down to

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I can’t resist showing off Robin Hood and I figured this was good as anywhere.