Source for 'Tiggles'?

Is there a source in the USA for Chris Warner’s ‘Tiggles’ [‘Baby Love’ X ‘Tigris’]? This is interesting for its Hulthemia persica ancestry…

Has Mr. Warner released any other roses with ‘Tigris’ parentage?

Thank you!


John, I don’t think that there is a US source for ‘Tiggle’ yet, and I am not aware of any hulthemias that Chris Warner has released yet. ‘Tiggle’ is very difficult to breed with as I think that it is a triploid of lower fertility. It’s value is it’s cleanliness, but Mr. Moore’s varieties could be used with greater success and then bring in cleanliness with ‘Baby Love’ into any resulting seedlings that you get.

My wife and I had the honor of having Chris stay with us two nights while he was traveling in the USA this past October. He is a great guy. While he was here, we went up to Visalia to meet with Mr. Ralph Moore. It was truly a grand day!

Jim Sproul

Thank you for the information, Jim.

That does sound like a wonderful day.