Source for Moore Roses

I am looking for a source for Ralph Moore’s roses. Nor’ East picked up a lot of his miniatures, but does not seem to have picked up others such as his rugosas, hulthemias and bracteatas. Does anyone know if there is a mail order nursery that may have done so? Thanks, Bob Williams in New Orleans

Nor’East will eventually have many of these to offer, but not yet. I suggest you call or email them to inquire about future availability of specific varieties. Which ones are you looking for?


Paul: Thanks for your reply. Sorry I was so slow checking the forum, but my 87 year old mother-in-law broke her hip and then had a heart attack in the hospital. Off the top of my head I am looking for Kafir’s Delight, Star Magic, Tangerine Jewel and a couple of his Hulthemias and perhaps a hybrid rugosa or two. I thought I saw some on the Nor’ East web site a few months back and now they are all gone. I will contact Nor’ East as it may encourage them to make some of his creations more generally available.

I was actually trying to get Kafir’s Delight as well. Apparently Nor’East planned to carry it, but failed to get the mother plants from Sequoia as expected. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed, but please let me know if you find another source.

Robert and Annaka,

I think you’re both talking about Fakir’s Delight. See the link below. I have a plant of it. If you can bud, I can send budwood. Rooting cuttings might take a while. I got it as a curiosity, and at this point that is all it is for me. The plant hasn’t bloomed much, maybe because it has been making canes, but I think it’s largely a spring/early summer bloomer.



Ah, you are quite right. I thought that Kafir’s Delight didn’t look quite right! Fakir’s Delight it is.

Sadly I don’t have the set up to graft roses, but I very much appreciate the offer.

Peter: Thanks for figuring out my dyslexic message. I am still way too much of a novice to bud and don’t want to put anyone to the trouble. My daughter Adair and I find that bracteata and its progeny are particularly well suited to this climate. Is it your experience that Fakir has an awkward growth habit? Does Fakir sprout canes that seem to grow at cross purposes in the same outlandish manner as sericea ptercantha. I just sent two sericea to my daughter because it is such a novelty and is outstandingly disease free in my NC garden.

Annaka: If I find a source I will try to remember to let you know. I am hoping Nor’ East gets a more complete supply of Moore Roses.

Robert, I appreciate it. I will do the same. I am under the impression that Nor’East is at least working on it.

I just ran across this from my local Society. All roses from Greenhartvare 1/2 off. It looks as though they are only going to be wholesaling roses after June.


A message to our valued customers:

We have decided to make some major changes at Greenheart Farms at the end of this season. When we sell out of our existing miniature rose inventory this summer we will cease to be a retail mail order company and focus all of our efforts on developing our wholesale miniature rose business.


Ahg! I recieved an confirmation from them on the 16th.

I ordered ‘Little Emma’,‘Moore’s Striped Rugosa’,My Sunshine’, and ‘Pennies From Heaven’. …I’m particularly fond of yellow and singles. It figures I would find a place with decent prices and they would close down. I was originally going to get ‘Topaz Jewel’ from them but YOU ALL talked me out of it…I’ll just go back to ‘Golden Glow’, so there. I noticed they also had some limited stock of the Persian series.

On a tangeant, from here:

Ralph says; “In the future, many kinds of roses, I believe, will have some Miniatures in their background for several reasons. My Minis have been bred to be grown as own-root (cutting propagated) plants, resistant to diseases, and hardy.” Hybridizers take note! "

Of which I agree.

Can anyone give recommendations for the most disease resistant miniatures?

There are a few Moore minis I have found to be nearly 100% free of disease without spraying:

  • ‘Apricot Twist’

  • ‘Cal Poly’

  • ‘Blue Mist’

  • ‘Sweet Chariot’

And I also find ‘Unconditional Love’ to be free of disease in my climate. Typically almost every miniature variety suffers from moderate to severe Blackspot problems where I am, but not these standouts.

There are likely some others I should include on this list but these come to mind immediately as the best. (It should be noted that I currently manage a collection that includes most of the Moore roses that were in the Sequoia Nursery catalog in the years prior to its closure.)


Well cool. I pulled that from your website anyways(I think). I meant to give a link. Thanks for the recommendations…I’m going to have to make yet another order…

Noreast is running low on Ralph Moore retail stock, but those that remain are about $4 plus shipping. Glad I bought from them this last spring.


Nor’East has just put almost all of their Moore roses back up on their website’s availability list – 180 or so varieties. They had been gone from the website since early June when the response to the sale overwhelmed the nursery staff. They are still $3.75 per plant, plus shipping.

Apparently, the sale will still be over on June 30, so don’t delay.


Thanks for the heads-up; I went and ordered another 8 roses. It was really hard not to go completely overboard . . . .

I ordered all the Ralph Moore roses they had to try. I think my total was 225 minis, only a couple were not Ralph Moore. I bought them for breeding and also to try to keep as big of a collection in one area as I could find. (I have a feeling it is going to be a little harder to get his roses soon) It will not be easy to care for some of these in Tampa Bay. Fakir’s Delight was a great rose for St. Pete oddly, but it went the way of Maria Mc Greedy and bloomed itself to death. If I ever find another I will let it build up a couple years first. (If anyone wants pollen or cuttings sometime give a yell)

Andrew I thought I had a problem with saying no to new plants. I am also afraid that many of his varieties would be hard to find. It was hard narrowing down the list of his miniatures to something small enough because my room was limited.


While at first I did not plan to add many minis into my small breeding program, I figured now is the time to do it if I am ever going to do it. The price was right. I am sure it will take a lot of planning and moving of plants on my part. But, I figured I am not adding a collection of 1000’s at once. I am entertaining the thought of building a small greenhouse in the area that my current shed is in. I have to cut down on my losses in the Moss rose department. Florida will only let me grow about half of the mosses I have tried. Other roses that should not be here have done extremely well. I am thinking some shade cloth will also be a must buy this weekend. I currently have about 40 or so mini roses and I have realized that they are not as bad as I first thought them to be. Hopefully, the fact I have gotten much better at grafting will help me in the long run.


The late Dee Bennett ran a successful mini rose nursery and bred many varieties in CA using her front yard as her “sales room” and her back yard which included a small greenhouse for her hybridizing and mother plants. I wish her daughter Sue would write an article on her mother’s setup. It showed how much one could do with “small.” Sue use to post a lot on Garden Web and Dee’s neighbor Mary was a regular poster also. Mary use to go over and dead head the roses in the front yard (just being neighborly!). So, one can do a lot in a small space. Incidentally, it was Ralph Moore who encouraged Dee when she started and even gave her some plants to work with.

Sue’s daughter still posts a lot about roses, but on the roses forum site. She uses the name Hanford Rose, if you want to go over there and rekindle the friendship.

And back to the subject at hand – Tiny Petals (Dee Bennet’s company) sold their catalog of roses to Nor’East (just like Ralph Moore, but several years back). Today may be the last day to get your hands on them at Nor’East retail. And I doubt there is anyone that will pick up the whole list when Nor’East turns to wholesale only.