Source for Joycie (Moore)

Hello all - new here.

I’m looking for a source for Moore’s Joycie. Heirloom carries it, but they’re out of stock and was hoping to have it for this coming season. Anyone have a pulse on where I might find this?

Thanks in advance,

Email Burling Leong at She may be one of the few sources left on the planet. It’s a tender rose, mine survived seven zone 5B winters in a shed but I lost them last winter. Well worth the effort to keep alive although the F1’s have been relatively weak growers. It does pass on both dwarfed stature and that gorgeous orange color. I have a dwarfed F1 moyesii from it that has survived here for three seasons in the ground, still has not flowered.

I don’t have Joycie, Mike, but I do have Joyberry, Joycie X Basye’s Blueberry. 'Joyberry' Rose If you’re here in the States, you’re welcome to cuttings if you might find it useful or interesting.

@ Don: I had reached out to Burling prior to the OP, hoping that she would have stock, but she said she had none. I followed up with her today to see if she knows of any other sources. Thank you for the suggestion.

@Kim: That’s a very nice offer of you. Coincidentally, I have been looking at Basye’s Blueberry for a little while and think Joycie x BB would be very appealing as a parent. I would love to take you up on your very kind offer, thank you! I’m in suburban Orange County, here in southern California (so garden is about the size of my pinkie fingernail). You can reach me privately at mike dot ewing at gmail dot com.


Got it Mike, thanks.

Don - Burling mentioned she had a mother plant and would try to propagate for me. Nice. So it looks like Burlington is a source after all (it’s not on her availability list).

I’d be very interested to see what your F1 R. moyesii looks like when it flowers. I’m sure it will eventually.