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In China they use people to pollinate orchards.

This seemed odd to me so I just went to the US Govt. Patent Office website:

And there is no such patent: Site replied:

"Searching US Patents Collection…

Results of Search in US Patents Collection db for:

PN/2457842149: 0 patents.

No patents have matched your query "


I’m glad you did some research into it Fara, it didn’t seem right to me either. More often than not, claims like this turn out to be false.

the conspiracy theory language of the message in the image discredits the intent immediately.

I would not trust them as far as I could kick them. Watched a programme one night on TV , where a farmer grew a paddock of maize and his next door neighbour as well but it was Monsanto GM maize. Guess what!!! he couldn’t sell it because it has been fertilized by the Patented GM. They actually came onto his property and gathered samples to test. I think they would be capable of anything.

That’s become an increasingly common issue, unfortunately. There is a famous case of just that where the farmer Monsanto sued finally won, but it bankrupted him. I’d think there should be a way for those adjacent to Monsanto seeded fields to demand Monsanto prevent cross pollination contamination of their fields. It shouldn’t require ME to defend myself against YOUR contaminating my crops with your GMO pollen.

That fellow was from the Mid West?? What a beautiful Precedent it would make suing for contamination of your crop by GM pollen

Canadian. Percy Schmeiser

Kim and What a beautiful Precedent it is

It would be far more beautiful if it PREVENTED having to defend yourself.

The intent of the image is what could be coming down the line. Don’t expect a super bee yet, they just bought the means to try for it.