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Holy…wow nice.

Since this article was reporting on grapes…how does that translate to roses?

Something to remember is that many Australian soils are deficient in molybdenum, and this is a common trace element additive in applications of superphosphate on Aussie farms.

( Phosphorus is very commonly in short supply in Aussie soils. )


Rod is right.

Some rare soils that are old enough ( a few millenaries) got some trace elements washed by rains with spectacular deficiency effects.

With molybdenum there may be among others less spectacular zinc and cooper deficiencies.

Molybdenum rate of application may be no more than 2,5 grams per hectar (10 acres ). Applied in water with good timing this quantity will make i.e. a full cantaloupe harvest when the not supplemented rows suddenly dries and dies when fruit is developping or avoid wheat grains not developping.

Every plant is more or less sensitive to lack of trace elements that are always added to hydroponic solutions.

One way of knowing is to apply some foliar spray of trace elements solution one can easily find at agricultural stores. When superfluous there is no effects.

Usually these rare deficiencies are quite obvious if difficult to interpret and well known by specialised agricultural services.