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Someone on Face Book messaged me with the information about this new rose available in Great Britain. She indicated it was bred from Baron Girod de l’Ain and Roger Lamblin, though I have no knowledge of how she knows this. It IS an interesting looking rose and it does appear to be related to at least one of those two old roses. Bonkers at Styles Roses. Bonkers | Style Roses

I still believe similar results might be able to be mined from Art Nouveau, which was bred from Roger Lambelin. This is a seedling from Art Nouveau from this year.
Scalloped and notched petals are possible from Art Nouveau, too.
How neat would it be to raise something like Rawlings’ Lightning Strike? Wow! 'RAW967' Rose

Nice, Kim!

What we need from Art Nouveau is to find an inheritance of the stripe without the stunting of petal size that seems to accompany it. I crossed my AN x FIVI3 with All the Rage, which has very large single-ish blosssoms, in hopes of carrying through some warm colors with the stripe and larger blossom size. I suspect the trick is to raise very large numbers of seedlings.

Today, that Art Nouveau seedling opened further, showing some rather interesting traits. It resulted from the cross of (Secret’s Out X April Mooncrest) X [(First Impression X April Mooncrest) X Art Nouveau]. It inherited the scent from Secret’s Out, the white sport of Secret, and April Mooncrest. It inherited the Art Nouveau petal “defect” and the red petal “blotch” from First Impression, through First Impression X April Mooncrest. Notice the central petal base stripe. It’s rather unique!
This is how First Impression X April Mooncrest ages with the red center.

Kinda making me want to acquire Roger Lambelin. I wonder what percentage of seedling (if the pedigree of Bonkers is correct) can yield such results. (And how hard it is to get strong health into a seedling of RL!) Cool seedlings, Kim.

Thank you, Philip. I grew both d’l Ain and Lambelin in Newhall and swore after enduring them there, I would NEVER grow them again. Syphilitic hemophiliacs, both of them.

The same breeder introduced the darker colored ‘Lightning Strike’ rose.
[Good Luck x Art Nouveau]

Thanks, Karl.