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I grew Roger Lambelin nearly thirty years ago, with disasterous results. Terrible rose, period! I know it must be happy somewhere, but it never was anywhere I ever saw it. Every disease known to man, much die back, mishapen blooms with more mildew on the petals than even Euphrates, but I always thought something interesting might be coaxed from its “deformities”. Peter James did it. In addition to his Eyes for You and Blue for You, he created Art Nouveau. So far, it seems as healthy here as the other two. There is fragrance, not much, but it is there. Imagine this with a “blotch”…

[flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=7145850523]art nouveau (2)[/flickr_photo][flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=7145850549]art nouveau (4)[/flickr_photo][flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=7145850537]art nouveau (3)[/flickr_photo][flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=7145850595]art nouveau (5)[/flickr_photo][flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=7145850609]art nouveau (6)[/flickr_photo][flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=7145850617]art nouveau[/flickr_photo]

Somehow it doesn’t quite seem like a finished product-just a bit more uniformity, you know, like 'tuck in your shirt". I think a little more work with it might help.

With you on this one Jackie, the colour combinations are great, but what concerns me is the untidyness of the petals.

Seems like a candidate for crossing with the Eyeconics. They have such a nice semi-double petal arrangement designed to show off the eye…it would work well with this cool stripe.

I think it’s very fun and festive! It’s like the blotches are at the other end of the petals.

Oh, wow, though:

Roger Lambelin

So, then, this is a case where a sport happened “deep” enough so that it was passed on by seed, eh? If you look at the (hmm what’s the term for the pre-sport plant, “presporteé”?) of Roger Lambelin you’ll see that it doesn’t have any of that funky striping.

Any availability of Art Nouveau in the US? I love the idea of heading off towards some supreme funkiness.


Not yet, but give it a little while…

Leonie Lamesch with as different background as possible has a similar flower color repartition and petal shape even if it is not so obvious looking at HMF pictures.

That she can, Pierre, but this one is more uniform and regular in its variegations. It isn’t as heat and light dependent as Leonie to express the variations.

At first I wasn’t sure… BUT … the more I look at this thread the more I WANT one of these!!

The breeder spent 30 years developing this line to get this far. Congratulations to him for this result!

Is it available in Australia??

Here is what Art Nouveau ages to.

[attachment 681 DSCN1596.JPG]