Some old ladies and their hips

My experience with these elderly ladies has generally been positive.

Mrs. Dudley Cross, sets hips manually, almost no pollen.

Mrs. B.R. Cant, sets hips manually, very little pollen.

Madame Isaac Pereire, fertile both ways.

Maggie, only 1 of 10 hips set, very little pollen.

Old Blush, fertile both ways.

Spice, sets hips, haven’t tried pollen.

Marie Pavie, sets hips but inconsistently, haven’t tried pollen.

Mermaid, should be renamed old maid, no fertility.

If you have experience, either success or failure, hybridizing with some of the lesser known antique roses, it may benefit some of the readers, so feel free to share.

Thanks for the info Charles.


I’m glad to see someone else is working with Marie Pavie also, She’s a great little rose, with pretty flowers, good fragrance and a compact healthy plant. There’s a lot to love there.

She only set hips on 30% of pollination attempts for me this spring, but my plant is still small, plus I’m using tetraploid pollen on her, and my high temperatures have been hovering around 90F here in Florida which is higher than the ideal 75-80F.

MP doesn’t flower much when first planted, but after she gets settled she gets on a roll, good luck Paul.

I dabbled with Marie Pavie a bit one year. There are at least two clones floating around.

The one offered by Vintage is superior in my opinion but more double and so no doubt harder to utilize.

I used the less double form offered by Sequoia as seed parent and got some once blooming seedlings that were surprisingly vigorous.

I even used them for rootstock one year in a pinch.

If I were to go back to it I would probably use the more double form for for pollen, (just because I like it better) and cross it with one of the yellow Moore minis descended from ‘Gold Badge’ as seed parent.

MP appears to have a big dose of multiflora ancestry which I am personally trying to breed away from.

I have the clone from Sequoia also.

When you say

I’d say MP grows more like a poly.

When I say multifora ancestry I’m referring to the fact that many of the early polys were selected natural hybrids between multifloras and chinas.

If you cross china and multiflora you get a once bloomer of course.

If you allow those seedlings to self and pick out the repeat bloomers they will be polys, half multiflora.

Thanks Robert,

Good to know that MP is more like a poly in nature.

Crossing it with a yellow mini is a good idea. When I get around to working with yellows, that is something I’ll consider.