Some of the seedlings take the heat better than others

I was checking today to see how everything is holding up with this latest (and is it ever going to end?) heat wave. First there are the mutable types-they are going crazy with new patterns; This one just went stripey, the name Sunburn is taken?

[attachment 1020 2012newseedlings436.jpg]

And here is a red that is fragrant, thornless (so far), and was really just a straight up red red. Until the temps went over 90F. This is much more red in person-tweeked the glare a little and it got pinker.

[attachment 1021 2012newseedlings403.jpg]

And a seedling that almost got deleted this spring is turning out to not only be a great bloomer, but it is also very heat tolerant, with new flowers opening and holding well, but dropping cleanly when looking a bit tired. The flowers come off as really fresh in person.

[attachment 1022 2012newseedlings410.jpg]

The russets are doing quite well also-will continue.

woot, keep on truckin!

I am adding a few russets to the above post. Most of my better russets have ELLE as one parent. And they all age to lavender, some faster than others. That might be the EL:LE influence.

[attachment 1023 2012newseedlings164.jpg]

This is the lavender phase. This seedling is a bit to variable but does bloom well and is healthy. Still a bit to pink.

[attachment 1024 2012newseedlings070.jpg]

I didn’t know this had a russet phase until this week.

[attachment 1025 2012newseedlings432.jpg] To be continued.

Those are some good looking seedlings! Congratulations! Yup, Sunburn is taken. Sunny Side Up is, too, unfortunately, as is Oranges and Lemons. I love the bloom, though. Good color and I love the decorative petal twist. What’s the cross?

I also thought these posts allowed 4 attachments-so much for planning. This is the lavender phase of the last russet.

[attachment 1026 2012newseedlings450.jpg]

It likes to close at night, and I think I caught it tucking itself in. I have several more but due to limitations here is one more.

[attachment 1028 2012newseedlings419.jpg] Russet Phase.

Lavender Phase.

[attachment 1029 2012newseedlings444.jpg]

Jackie I really like the yellow one which is last in the first posting. You would nt be able to tell me what the breeding is? please, its a real doozy :slight_smile:


That is either (GeminixShockwave) X Walking In Sunshine or (GeminixAbout Face) X Walking In Sunshine. (I can check tomorrow) I’m sure Gemini has more than a little to do with the 101 mutable yellows that I now have, and Walking in Sunshine really adds to the health. She is heat and drought tolerant (I try not to push the drought thing, but when I do unintentionally----) and has a strong yellow component with others that have some yellow in their genetics. I will have to post a photo of my yellow/golden/orange/ bronze/red here soon. I just never take a photo of each stage, and with the extreme heat, I’m just not fast enough, because it can go through 2 or more phases in a day.


That is one of my favorites also-it is so fragrant! And a reliable bloomer with very nice foliage. It is either ELLE X Rt. 66 or the other way round. The foliage is somewhat like Rt66 but not so open or gawky (awkward might be better description for Rt. 66) The fragrance is quite like ELLE with a bit of something else. The yellow eye fades to white with the lavender phase which looks quite appropriate. In the above photo the edges are somewhat crisping up, but with less heat the lavender continues to fade but holds some color around the edges which gives it a halo effect. I find that really appealing.

What is the red one?

You have done well Jackie. By the way which Elle was it Boener’s, Mouchotte/Meilland or Lundstad.

Warren, it would pretty much have to be the Meilland Elle. Neither of the other two have been commercially available here for many years. The sole source listed here for the Boerner variety is known to make this kind of mistake. They list the 1924 Bruant poly, Violetta , and are the only American garden or nursery listed as having it. A friend who collects polys, ordered it from them and was supplied with Violetta (International Herald Tribune). He has emailed them several times to alert them to the mistake. They will not even answer his emails. I seriously doubt if they really know what they have. They certainly don’t care about providing the correct rose and righting their mistakes.

lol there are 3 different roses pictured in the Violetta. One of them looked like my old Baby Faurax.

thanx Kim, will have a browse on HMF.

Jackie, love the yellow and orange one. How about California Heatwave.


How I so misread your question I can only attribute to the fact that it was hot, it was late, and it wasn’t anything that I was drinking. BUT, the answer is so simple it is embarassing to have made that mistake. The “breeding” of the very heat tolerant light yellow is simply “Moondance OP”. I was trying to find out the source of some rust in some earlier seedlings, and germinated one or two hips of Moondance OP. Moondance is great as a parent but does have one weakness, and that is the propensity towards passing on rust to many of her offspring. Pairing her with a couple of very rust resistant pollen donors has helped greatly, which I am doing now with one of her offspring. Moondance does not rust for me except under the worst conditions, but many of the her seedlings do, and this seedling almost got tossed just because of the rust, but out of 3 seedlings that I kept out of all that germinated, this one shook off the infection and did not get reinfected even though conditions favored rust for most of this spring and well into summer. One of the reasons I kept this one originally was that it bloomed generously, rebloomed fast, didn’t rust the first year, and the blooms have a glow to them. This year was incredible for its’ ability to promote disease, so I will be watching this one to see if rust becomes a problem or if it was just as aberational as the weather. By the way, I didn’t even post photos of the one I gave you the parentage for!


The red one (but that is not a very typical photo) is (MoondancexB.Streisand) X Lady of the Mist. The (MoondancexB.Streis.) AKA Moobs,is great for passing on the thornless attribute. Lady of the Mist is very vigorous and many of her seedlings are disease free and fragrant, usually some shade of apricot to peach, but there is quite a bit of red in the Moobs background. I guess the mutable edges comes from B. Streisand, but it hasn’t a trace of her ‘fry on contact’ to temps over 78F


That totally mutable rose with the twisted petals usually doesn’t look like a case of sunburned bedhead. It was just that one bloom, which was coming out as the sun blasted us with no warning. It is normally a bright yellow that slowly mutates to orange, but the bloom only lasted 3-4 days and then started to crisp up. I know you have been having the same (and higher) temps, but we usually only have heat that lasts for a week to ten days and then relents. Except when it doesn’t, like now.


I think in this neck of the woods we might start complaining a bit faster and louder when we get above 90F and over 85% humidity. I have lived in Phoenix and Tucson, and even though it is a dry heat, it lasts to long and the monsoonal moisture they get is a killer. I cannot imagine living in Houston, for instance, however my daughter spent a year in Madras, and then another summer in Cambodia and loved them both. I would die, or worse wish I was dead. When it comes to weather I am quite the pansy.

These are wonderful, Jackie! LOVE that first yellow one!

Jackie and others, can I thread jack for just one second. It is what you had mentioned in your posts Jackie.

So the question is “How many photo’s can be placed in one response/post” I ask this as I had 6 and had them all there ready to post, posted them and into Cyberspace they went.