Some New Roses come Springtime

My list of new roses. Any comments/suggestions?

Lilac Charm
Midnight Blue
Mme de Roche Lambert or Salet
Brown Velvet
Henry Hudson
Crested Damask
Bayse’s Blueberry
Abraham Darby
Fa’s Marbled Moss
Sequoia Ruby
Scarlet Moss
Baby Love
42-03-02 (If I can get cuttings)
MORsoul (see above)
OLGxHER (also see above)
Verdun and/or Werner von Blon
Connie Lohn

As much as I like Sequoia Ruby she was BS prone in my area. She has been good as a seed parent when accepting pollen from wide crosses.

I should be receiving Basye’s Blueberry next week. I have some good results using a BB descendant, Thomas Affleck with some of my own miniatues. Although TA has so so resistance I have gotten some good disease resistance in a number of F1s so I wanted to go to the source, BB.

I can’t speak to most of your list. I did grow Abraham Darby for some time. Good health and beautiful color and bloom form. I never got anything wonderful directly from her.

Shame about Sequoia Ruby’s disease problems :confused: I really want it as a mini breeder, if nothing else. If anything blackspots there, it will here. Even Knock Out (which I already have) has the occasional black spot. The only thing BS free are the Rugosas

I wanted to give you some other possibilities for miniature breeders. Rabble Rouser does pretty well in my garden and works well as a pollen parent. It is 50% Baby Love. Lupo is very clean here, has rugosa blood and is fertile. Purple Rain is classified as a shrub but I think it could easily be classified as a mini. It’s very healthy, has rugosa blood through kordesii and is fertile. Royal Edward is listed as a kordesii shrub but is a small ‘shrub’, is very disease resistant, hardy to zone 3b and is very fertile. I have gotten some nice things out of her. Hope this helps.

If leaf spot is a problem in your area, you will probably want to avoid both Lupo and Purple Rain. Both are very susceptible to leaf spot in my area (northern Wisconsin) and my plants have suffered severe defoliation and are being removed. It’s a shame because they both have decent hardiness here–especially Lupo–and they look great early in the season.

Julie Overom

I know that Ray Ponton has used Baby Love quite a bit. Have you researched Rise-n-shine?

Yes, but it’s seedlings, even the selfs, are really pale in a bad way :/. How about Joycie? I am looking for a mini which can accept a large range of pollen. I might try purple rain as it sometimes “spots up”, but if spots form on both petals AND leaves, then maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:

OK. after some research I have settled on New Penny and Cal Poly instead of Sequoia Ruby and possibly 42-03-02. Anyone willing to donate cuttings?