'Soeur Th

Don, what kind of a plant is 'Soeur Th

Hi Simon,

what kind of a plant is 'Soeur Th

"Don, what kind of a plant is 'Soeur Th

I know looking at HMF that it has given at least one invaluable breeder for the day and that was Charlotte Armstrong.

I’m going to play with High Noon (another offspring) these next couple of years. I wanted ST but it wasn’t readily available.

Pollen from ‘Soeur Therese’ is available immediately to anyone who wants it.

It sounds interesting… I was particularly interested in Mr Moore’s ‘STW-1’. It sounds like an interesting combination with a hybrid musk or multiflora. I’ve got a small greenhouse here… for my cactus (it’s a thorn thing I think :wink: )… looks like they’ll have to make room for my roses too :slight_smile:

Soeur Therese is a pretty good rose here. It could have more blooms and foliage. I’ve got seedlings germinating from Apricot Twist X Soeur Therese. I would have the reverse cross too, but something ate Soeur Therese’s hips last summer.

I’ve ordered ‘Trier’ this season and have ‘Goldfinch’ cuttings on their way. Also here is ‘Cornelia’ and ‘Buff Beauty’… not going use BB as it has been a poor doer here so far, but ‘Cornelia’ seems pretty good. Will also use it on multiflora. How is ST in terms of disease resistance?

Here are a mug shots of a couple of the Soeur Therese OP seedlings that have flowered recently. The plants are even more ragged than the blooms, but the second one does remind me of Golden Wings a bit as the petals are fairly large.




any fragrance?

If you’re where there is real HEAT, ST is one of Nicholas’ “thirty minute roses” as that’s about how long the flowers last in heat. It’s the source of Charlotte Armstrong’s floppy peduncles, light petaled flowers and mildew. I grew it for years but wouldn’t breed with it for my climate. I loved the rose for itself and some of its offspring, but don’t think it holds much for what is going to be required in the future, at least here. Kim

Here are a couple more Soeur Therese OP seedlings that flowered today. Variations on a theme but it seems to show lurking genes for double flowering assuming these are selflings.



Hi Don; This spring I am going to try and recreate the pernetiana colours. Will be using Angele Pernet X (Peace, Agena, Sutter’s Gold, Bronze Masterpiece, Vienna Charm, Troika) and two of my own ( True Colours and Mister Z). I am not to phased on Orange but those Pernetiana colours are really something else.