So, does this look like a multiflora hybrid to you all?

It’s a Knockout seedling. Hasn’t bloomed yet- which makes me think it is non-remontant. Perhaps I would have more to go on if I saw some flowers… but anyway, does it look like it might be a straight multiflora hybrid to any of you (or am I the only one)?

It’s somewhat resinous which is atypical for KO seedlings.


Why do you think it might be a multiflora hybrid?

Maybe the best reason is that all that I can remember putting on KO last year was remontant (except maybe for a hulthemia hybrid). All my other KO seedlings have always started out more or less continuous blooming from the very get go. Plus, there is something odd about the look (in comparison to other KO seedlings anyways, pricker pattern is just one example). Plus those look like they might be ciliated stipules (maybe?).

That is very definite Knock Out foliage. Some remonant crosses can take a few years to bloom if they are climbers. Perhaps you put Knock Out on something that climbs. If it looks as such, you may want to try bending the cane horizontal and waiting to see if it blooms on any laterals next spring. Anyways, thats one possible thought on this but it is definitely either 1/2 of 1/4 Knock Out.

It doesn’t look like a multiflora hybrid to me. Every multiflora hybrid I have, and I’m speaking in terms of lineage, not horticultural class, has thin, upright auricles that look like extensions of the margins of the stipule. The armature, when they are armed, is often different, with scattered, relatively small, thick-based falcate prickles. One ancient multiflora hybrids, Russelliana, does have mixed large and small prickles, but the stipule has the typical “fringed” margin. The leaflets of many are petiolulate.

Thanks for the answers. The collective knowledge here is far greater than my own- that’s why I ask these kind of questions. I can’t wait to see some flowers and to see if it’s a climber.