Size variations of seeds in hip

I have a question for the experienced experts. This morning I was happily taking seeds out of hips. I had one OP hip of either Graham Thomas or Proud Land (when I did these the other day, I missed this hip hence the ?) I noticed all the seeds were large and fairly uniform in size. Then I started on about a dozen OP hips of Robin Hood and also a dozen OP hips of American Pillar. With all of these hips I noticed each hip had about 3-4 largish seeds, 2-3 smaller seeds that also felt firm, and about 6-8 very tiny “seeds” that felt somewhat flat.

I assume the largest seeds have been fertilized and will probably germinate. My question concerns the midsize and smallest seeds. Have they been pollinated and will germinate; were they pollinated but development stopped at some point; or are they (especially the smallest) ova which were never fertilized?

Thanking you advance,


Hi Jim,

Usually the midsized ones of ‘Robin Hood’ and others have embryos, but often the smallest ones don’t. I wouldn’t throw them away. Take a nailclipper and carefully chip away and see if there is an embryo inside. You can get a better idea then about what is generally chaff and what sized seed for your cultivars has the potential to be good.