size of seeds

Can any of you more experienced hybridizers comment on seed size? Is there any correlation between the size of seeds growing in the same hip and the size and/or vigor of the seedlings? Just curious, since there is often quite a variation in the seed sizes I see in the open-pollinated hips I have harvested.


Once I separated the seeds from a cross into two batches, large seeds and small seeds. Both batches germinated well, but the smaller seeds started germinating first, perhaps because the pericarps were thinner on the smaller seeds.

I had the same experience with op rugosa seeds.

Thanks for the information. I might try separating my seeds into two groups if I manage to get that organized.

I did a quick search on seed size and vigor and found that in some grains the size of the seed did make a difference in the vigor and productivity of the plant. Such research may not transfer to roses, however.


My brother and I have been hybridizing for several years now and we find no correlation between seed size and germination rate. In my personal experience I will say that seeds from some seed parents tend to produce a higher germination rate than others regardless of seed size. I have noticed no difference in vigor based on seed size. I hope this information helps Marcia.