Simon Robinson as a parent?

Can anyone share their experiences/results using Simon Robinson as a parent? Having Rosa wichuraiana as a parent interests me as far as disease resistance and hardiness. Interesting that Rosa wichuraiana x New Penny resulted in a repeat blooming hybrid.

I don’t have any experiences with it, but read it is a parent of ‘Little Mischief’, a nice double flowered deep mauve, light red rose. ‘Little Mischief’ isn’t a very fertile parent, but hopefully ‘Simon Robinson’ is.




Thanks for the patent link David. Little Mischief is a pretty rose. Too bad it isn’t very fertile.

As I recall Simon Robinson is easy to work with. I did a few experimental crosses with it as pollen parent earlier this season. It seems fully fertile.

I wonder if it’s triploid?

I would have doubted the parentage as stated but since I seem to have some repeat flowering first generation species crosses of my own now, it may be as stated. It certainly doesn’t add up but roses don’t follow the rules.

That is good news Robert. I will definitely add this to my list for spring. I was wondering if it was triploid as well. Maybe a fertile triploid? When I first read the parentage I thought that it seemed a bit odd that it would be repeat flowering but as you noted, roses don’t follow the rules. I noticed that its other parent, New Penny, has R. wichuraiana in it ancestory as well. Simon Robinson should pass along some great disease resistance.

HMF states wichurana parentage at 62.5%.

Simon Robinson would be fun to pair with a New Dawn descendant.

We’re thinking along the same lines Robert. My first thought was White Dawn.

My first thought was Armada or one of my Armada descendants. Like this one.


Robert, your Armada x Color Wonder is very beautiful. That would be an excellent choice to cross with SR.

I also thought of Coral Dawn to increase petal count.


I was very disappointed with this cross. Armada produces many pale colored seedlings. Hopefully the propensity to produce saturated colors lies within.

The petal count is a bit deceiving. We’re very warm now which results in abnormally low petal count.

The picture of the one in your link looks very pretty.

Thanks Rob. It’s nice enough but not what I hoped for.