Showing your own rose.

Ok, so I have this really nice seedling, ‘Arizona Sunset’ x Neptune’. It is medium yellow with fuchia edges that fade down into the yellow. It has good substance, a tight high center and quilled petals. It acts like a florist rose in that it stayed in a nice bud for a week and 3/4 open for a couple of days now. Do you have to name and register a rose before you can enter it in a rose show? I’m biased to be sure, but it is really pretty! I’m aware roses have to be grown and tested but I was wondering how to procede if you did want to show it. Thanks, Robyn

Often shows have a seedling division. I have heard that some people dip their seedlings in a weed killer before showing them to prevent something similar to what is described in the following:


Yes, no doubt it is good to keep the seedling from being stolen and reproduced if it is of potential commercial value, but if this is the original and only plant you might want to hold off on the Roundup dip until you get another plant or two. :slight_smile:


Peter at rose shows in Ohio we do not show the whole plant but only a cutting.


Henry, is LeMire saying that ‘Papa Mielland’, ‘Uncle Joe’, ‘Toro’ and ‘Big Ben’ are all the same rose?! Robyn

If I understand correctly, Robyn’s plant is quite young. But maybe I don’t understand correctly.


I think you have understood what LeMire is saying. Interesting, huh?

Robyn, I have been told that showing new seedlings has been a good way of piquing the interest of potential growers. I don’t know if that is still true today, but I say go for it.

Henry, how long does the RoundUp require to start visually affecting the appearance of a cut flower?

Philip, I have never tried it so I do not know. I think that I also heard that RoundUp gives the cutting s short term boost so it looks healthy longer, but again I have no first hand experience.

I “show up” at rose shows to help set up, take down, prepare displays on hybridizing, etc., but I have never “exhibited for awards” at the shows.