Should there be a limit on number of responses per thread?

I ask this as a person stuck with a slow land line internet connection.

Right now, I’d like to read the responses to Hulthemia persica hybrids, but my connection times out before it can load the entire thread.

I know many of us use higher speed connections (some might even check in from work computers), but the few really long threads may no longer be accessible for some of us.

Would limiting a thread to 150 responses work? And then starting up the continuation as “part 2” including a link to the then locked thread…

Ann, of the really slow land line.

Im on cable, but when a thread is pic intensive, it takes a while as each pic pops up one by one. So, I just hit stop on my browser and read it sans pics if Im in a hurry. Will this work for you?

The problem with the Hulthemia persica thread isn’t the number of responses; it is the images embedded in it. The size of the text in the thread is a small fraction of the size of the images. If you use Firefox, you can right click on an image, then click on “Block Images from…” to stop the browser from loading images from that site. There are images from several different sites embedded in that thread, so you will have to do it several times.