Can anyone get the full paper on this?


Simon, I think I discussed this one a bit in my review on germination (on the RHA site home page). Not very exciting really. ABA has long been known to be involved, but exactly how is still much of a mystery.

I cannot post the whole article here for copyright reasons. If you e-mail me I may be able to send you a copy for your own personal use and study. That’s a marginal case.

Thanks Larry… the only bit of the abstract got my attention was the last line:

"A method for overcoming achene dormancy is recommended. "

I was wanting to know what their recommendations were? Or is this just a general advisory note?

Took me a while to find my copy of the paper. It was written in rather minimal English for a conference and scarcely revised for the proceedings. That means it is severely lacking in details of methods or results. The process recommended pertains to roses with hard woody achenes (such as Crimson Glory), not species like multiflora. The authors assumed the thick achenes are too tough to remove. So they suggest soaking in HCl. It was also noted that the testa contains ABA (in addition to the outer seed coat), so they suggest using water leaching for that. The work described is conceptually confirmed and superceded by what both Don Holeman and George V have been doing. Cut off the outer coat, then either remove the testa or water-soak the embryo + testa.