Sequoia catalog + ARS mag came today

It was an interesting coincidence because all of the 2005 Moore intros have their parentage listed in the back of this months ARS magazine, hah!

Thanks to Sue - Joycie x Playboy

Persian Autumn - Tigris x (Anytime x Gold Badge)

My Stars - Playboy x Bayse’s Legacy

Roses are Red - Tigris x Playboy

Julie Link - Halo seedling x (Queen Elizabeth x striped seedling)

Keith’s Delight - (Little Darling x Yellow Jewel) x Rugelda

Closer to Heaven - (Rosa wich. x Floradora) x (Queen Elizabeth x Crested Moss)

Lady Moss- Fairy Moss x Gabriel Noyelle

Little Emma - (Little Darling x Yellow Jewel) x Clytemnestra

Moore’s Striped Rugosa - (Golden Angel x 44st) x Rugosa Magnifica

Im still thinking of getting Roses are Red since the lady on the phone said Persian Autumn is bad in my area. Most Gold Badge relations are bad in my area it seems.