57 seedlings and counting! Some have already had to be transplanted into gallon pots as they’ve already outgrown both their yogurt cups and 4" pots.

Most are open pollinated so far. I grew the open pollinated seeds in plastic flats and transplant them to individual yogurt cups when the cotyledons open. I do have some nice Golden Celebration x Fa’s Marbled Moss seedlings, though curiously two out of four of these are producing leaves that look more like stalks of rhubarb than rose leaves!

The interesting/frustrating bit is that all the open pollinated seeds were planted in planting mix (which I get from a local nursery) all together in plastic tubs. The deliberate crosses were planted in peat pots in large flats. I’m wondering if some of the aching slowness I’m seeing with the deliberate crosses is something to do with the peat pots?

Oh well. I think I need another greenhouse. I’m running out of room in the tiny one I’ve got!

good job fara. i have 1 honey dijon seedling up so far and 1 more broke the surface. i planted to deep this year and had to move them up!. i also use an old heat pad to warm them up. i turn it off and on so its not to hot. they seems to be taking their time comming up!. i have a bunch of o.p. seeds of cl.dainty bess

seeds that are doing nothing!. good luck fara. pat