Seedling has yellow petals with brown veins

This is one of last year’s seedlings from the cross ‘Lilac Charm’ X ‘Fabulous!’. The petals start out yellow with brown veins, and fade to white with light brown veins. ‘Lilac Charm’ has visible veins, but they aren’t this distinct. I’d like to cross this seedling with other roses that have distinct veins. Any suggestions?

Yes-- I was thinking about Sutter’s Gold as well.

in fact, Cologne has that effect several times. It’s not consistant.

But the gaurd petals are just so ugly-- they’re brown, but they look more like rotten cabbage leaves. It’s not until they bloom that they look especially lovely.

Jim, I have this HT with fairly distinctive veining. It’s fragrant and so far free of mildew. I can send you pollen if you like.

I have ‘Sutter’s Gold’ pollen available if interested.


Beautiful! Good work, Jim!

Thank you Fara, and thanks for the offers of pollen, Robert and Paul! The last bloom of the first flush looks like it will open today or tomorrow, so there won’t be time to get pollen for this flush. Perhaps you could send me pollen when you have it and I will freeze it and use it later. I’ve already frozen some of this seedling’s pollen to use when a suitable mother blooms.

Here is a photo of a petal from the bud in the first photo. The bud opened yesterday morning and I photographed the petal in the evening. All of the petals look pretty much the same on both sides. I like the prominence of the veins, but I’m not sure I like the colors. They seem to suggest age and decrepitude rather than youth and freshness.

I can send you pollen soon Jim.

Enrique, did the pollen I sent you arrive ok?

I’ve sent pollen like that to others but wanted to make sure it worked before I send to Jim.

This time I may have to just harvest the anthers in an envelope and hope for the best. The peduncle on this HT is pretty thick.

yes, I was thinking about that right now until you said that. I had the email ready (half typed) before I saw your post… might as well tell you here.

I have it between a book.

My kordesii X basye’s amphidiploid is blooming right now in a few days, so I’ll be using your pollen primarily on that.

You asked me the time when kordesii blooms. It’s blooming RIGHT now. If you want pollen, I’m more than glad to send you pollen.


I did make two itty-bitty crosses.

R. bland X your pollen.

It’s hard to work with blanda in this climate. To warm for its liking. Flowers abort quickly… but if I get lucky, then I’ll get lucky.

Jim, very cool seedling - I like the effect! It would be interesting getting the veining even darker. If it sets seed well, I would try doing self crosses. You might get a better representative of the line.

Jim Sproul

Too late Jim. It’s in the mail. Maybe you can find a use for it elsewhere.

I like the idea of doing self crosses with it to make the veining darker. I don’t think I will do any crosses on it this year. It is still a small 1 year old seedling that was just transplanted into a 1 gallon pot. I don’t normally try to use a seedling as a seed parent until it is 2 or 3 years old. I will try its pollen on one of my mother plants this year. Thanks again to those who offered pollen. I may take you up on it next year.

Thank you, Robert. If I don’t put the pollen on the seedling, I may try it on Royal Sunset. It is a seedling of Sutter’s Gold, and I noticed some veins on it this morning. Hmmm… that’s odd. I wonder why your post shows up before the post you were answering.

Good question regarding timing of the post Jim.

Yes, I think that pollen would do very nicely on ‘Royal Sunset’.

I have a few seedlings out of ‘Royal Sunset’. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Jim, I saw a very (almost identical to the opened blossom) similar color rose in the cut flower rack at Costco last week. (Without the contrasting veins) I did a double take and looked at them up close because I thought they were such a sophisticated and elegant color for Costco. AGE and DECREPITUDE? I don’t think you are setting your thought process on a high enough plane. SOPHISTICATED and ELEGANT! They wouldn’t appeal to the masses perhaps, but to the sophisticated … Jackie

hi jim that h.t. sunstruck has nice veins!. that would be a fantastic cross!.

it’s been out now 3 years? weeks roses maybe.

Jim, I have Sutter’s Gold rooted if you want it now. My original plant got killed when a huge Belin grew in its spot and suffocated it.

But it rooted, this one very tiny stick.

It’s in a glass of water, and you can have it now if you like. I’m not sure where else to put it since I’m working with my Sutter’s Gold seedling.

OK, Jackie, sophisticated and elegant it is. Maybe my thinking about this seedling was colored by its nickname, ‘Varicose Veins’. It needs a better nickname.

Patrick, I’m going to look for Sunstruck. The patent on it says it has, “irregular yellow-colored fan-shaped pattern of venation on the under surface of the petals.”

Thanks, Enrique. I would like your Sutter’s Gold. I still work in Morgan Hill. Do you still work at the bank? Maybe I could come up and get it at lunch time.